• Stand With Us
    27 January, 2016
    QNW launches its report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Quebec

    After a two-year effort, Quebec Native Women (QNW) is proud to finally present today its official report on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Quebec.

    Nānīawig Māmawe Nīnawind – Stand With Us, is the result of dedicated work in collaboration with the Minister of Justice, the DIALOG Research Network, and over 40 participants of which QNW is extremely proud. This report highlights the voices of Indigenous people who are directly or indirectly affected by this issue, including family members of the victims, frontline workers, justice and public security stakeholders, and members of the Indigenous Police Force in Quebec.

    In the light of the recent launch of the national inquiry, this report proposes courses of action that, QNW hopes, will help stop this alarming and unacceptable situation. For this reason, QNW will gladly participate as a leading player during the consultation period of the national inquiry. 

    The report is being translated in english and should be available soon!

  • 14 December, 2015
    QNW turns 40 in 2014 !!


    On March 8, QNW celebrated 40 years of existence and hard work along with Wapikoni Mobile which celebrated its 10th anniversary. Viviane Michel and Manon Barbeau (on the photo) honored the accomplishments of Indigenous women in Quebec in the last 40 years to advance their rights and make their voice heard through art, music or conferences.


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