Youth Coordinator

In keeping with QNW's mission and values, the Youth Coordinator is responsible for supporting all aspects of the youth file. The Youth Coordinator's responsibilities are to advocate, support and empower young Aboriginal women throughout the province of Quebec. The Youth Coordinator is responsible for the
coordination and planning of all activities related to young Aboriginal women in Quebec.

Discrimination and systemic racism coordinator – 2nd posting

In keeping with QNW's mission and values, the coordinator will be responsible for running the "Discrimination and Systemic Racism" project. She will have to develop tools to help Indigenous women fight against systemic racism when they are confronted with it in public institutions (health system, youth protection, police services, judicial and prison systems, education, etc.). She will also be responsible for providing training for these tools and making them available in communities and to Indigenous women living in urban settings. She will also be involved in the development and implementation of QNW's Action Plan on Systemic Racism.

Executive Director – 2nd posting

In keeping with the mission and values of QNW, the Executive Director directs the activities and controls the financial management of QNW. She sees to the implementation and achievement of strategic planning results. She coordinates the search for funding and compliance with administrative agreements. She informs and assists the President and the Council of Elected Representatives in making decisions.