30 June

Kahnawake, June 29, 2017 – It is with positivity and optimism that Québec Native Women welcomes the Government Action Plan for the Social and Cultural Development of the First Nations and Inuit announced yesterday, June 28, 2017, by the Government of Québec. Through this important initiative, QNW recognizes the efforts of the government to prioritize Québec’s Indigenous people. This recognition can only help to improve the living conditions of these people.

QNW also wishes to highlight the important place given to Indigenous women and Indigenous youth, the specific nature of their needs and the vulnerabilities affecting them, which were taken into account by this budget. The 110 measures outlined in the Action Plan also address the numerous requests and recommendations made by QNW over the last several years. “The process promised by this Action Plan further reflects our own reality since it favours, on one hand, an inclusive and consultative approach towards First Nations and the Inuit, and on the other hand, a holistic and intersectional approach,” states Viviane Michel, President of QNW.

The measures which must be implemented over the next 5 years also mention the establishment of a consultation and follow-up mechanism to ensure the application of the Action Plan by including First Nations and Inuit representatives, as well as various ministries and organisations. QNW expects the government to take into consideration the reality in which many of these organisations find themselves and that they will benefit from adequate resources to ensure their participation.

“It is important to mention the recognition of Prime Minister Couillard regarding the shortcomings and discrimination experienced by the First Nations and Inuit for far too long. For QNW, this recognition is a necessary step towards a true reconciliation, but it is time to take concrete actions. QNW is ready to work in partnership with the government to implement this Action Plan to finally address the urgent needs of Indigenous women, their families and their communities,” explains Viviane Michel, President of QNW.